The brand history of Pinkar, which has been continuing for approximately 80 years, is a success story that is dedicated to beauty, that grous with that beauty and that is filled with work in every step... Pinkar, whose foundations were laid in Istanbul, began to provide service with a large range of products, i.e. from cologne to baby powder, from hair dye to skin care products and shampoos. It continues to grow by addressing the needs of beauty enthusiast women all over the world for a long time via its Pastel brand.

Pinkar wends its way by adopting the understanding of being a uniqe and pioneering brand at all times since its establishment. It adds innovations to its product range everey year thanks to its vision that keeps pace with fashion trends, which change rapidly in the world, and that follows trends. The spirit of Pinkar, which comes to the fore front at this point with the pastel brand, responds perfectly to the emotions, excitements an needs of women that change in time.

Pinkar, who analyses the needs of women and sector at optimum level and who has proven its strength in the international arena thanks to the brands it created, promises to be more beautiful and more powerful to the future generations and women based on the backlog it has from the past, an it raises the bar higher every passing day.

More quality, more colours, more sicere and innovative...

Pastel is proud to present its eciting brand spirit to the taste of the women of the World.