Pinkar Kimya

About Us

Pinkar Kimya's brand story spans over 85 years, a tale of success that revolves around beauty and evolves with it, each step marked by hard work. Founded in Istanbul, Pinkar embarked on its journey by offering a diverse range of products, including cologne, baby powder, hair dyes, skin care products and shampoos. Today, Pinkar, with its Pastel and Show By Pastel brands, continues to expand, meeting the needs of women for beauty worldwide.

Since its launch, Pastel has been committed to being a distinctive and pioneering brand. Keeping abreast of rapidly changing fashion trends and introducing innovations to its product line each year, Pastel perfectly captures the emotions, excitement and desires of women with its brand spirit.

Crafted through careful analysis of women's needs and industry trends, the Show By Pastel brand builds a stage for women to explore their beauty and celebrate authenticity. With the belief that beauty is a spectrum of colors, Show By Pastel empowers each woman to express her unique beauty through its extensive color palette. In the Show By Pastel world, every color tells a story, and each story is invaluable.

As Pinkar, it continues to be a wellspring of inspiration for future generations and women, pledging to be “more beautiful, more powerful” by drawing on its past experience and the brands it has brought to life.