Show by Pastel Magic Gloss

The brand-new Magic Gloss provides lips with color and moisture. It turns into different shades of pink in each person, depending on the body temperature. It also moisturizes and repairs the lips by means of the pomegranate sterols safflower seed oil and cherry essence it contains.

Show by Pastel Powder

Show by Pastel Powder provides a smooth and natural look to the skin with its silky texture. Ensures for your make-up to be long-lasting.

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Show by Pastel Duo Blush

Show by Pastel Duo Blush provides a smooth and natural freshness to the cheeks with its silk texture. It can be used individually or by mixing two colors.

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Show by Pastel Lip& Cheek Color Stick

Show by Pastel Lip & Cheek provides color for both the cheeks and the lips with its creamy texture. Easy application, vivid colors and ergonomic design makes application of make-up easier.

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