Pinkar Kimya

Our Working Principle

We respect our work when doing business with our staff who share common values. The importance we place on teamwork is combined with the priority we place on specialization. At Pinkar, special importance is given to expertise, innovation and adding value. It is believed that work done with love will bring success, and success will bring material and spiritual appreciation. Discussions of ideas are valuable for development, however, personal discussions should be avoided. Care is taken to work with a clear and simple organizational chart in which specializations are defined and managerial competencies are adopted. Department meetings and senior management meetings have an agenda and a time limit. Meeting protocols are a natural performance indicator for every employee. Reports and interpretation of reports and taking action are separate performance criteria. Compliance with business rules and compliance with job descriptions and responsibilities is everyone’s main responsibility. Priority is given to providing motivation through reward systems that will recognize managers and employees who make a difference and show extraordinary performance. In addition, warning and reminder systems are also applied to prevent negligence and losses. It is vital to adhere to ethical principles and fulfill job responsibilities, while maintaining courtesy and corporate business standards.

Human Resources Management

Our Human Resources Management policies encompass candidate selection and placement processes. Candidates are expected to possess expertise or specialized competencies relevant to their positions and to align with Pinkar’s values.

When job offers are extended to qualified candidates, job descriptions and performance targets are established, and orientation training is scheduled. These training sessions provide opportunities for employees to familiarize themselves with the corporate culture and other units. Human Resources Management training plans are meticulously prepared and executed for existing managers and employees. Training needs are identified in accordance with their titles, job descriptions, and performance targets.

Vocational training, specialization courses, personal development programs and leadership skills training are all part of the plan. The job descriptions and performance targets of each manager and employee are regularly evaluated on a monthly or periodic basis. These evaluations are instrumental in determining promotion, appointment, rewards, reminders, and warning processes. During the career development process, plans are formulated based on experience, training, competencies and performance targets.

Our values

  • Aiming for continuous development
  • Research

  • Be innovative

  • Quality

  • Customer focus

  • Reliability