Quality & R&D

As Pinkar Kimya Sanayi, we embarked on a mission to make beauty accessible to everyone through sustainable resources, high-quality standards and environmentally friendly practices. With a significant market share, we understand that our footprint shapes the future of the industry and that we bear the responsibility for the environment foremost and people second. Therefore, we operate with environmental awareness and prioritize the health of our customers as our paramount principle.

All of our products are produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22716:2007 (GMP) standards. We strive to maximize customer satisfaction and ensure continuous improvement through our customer-oriented service approach, which does not compromise quality and hygiene. Our portfolio includes documents such as halal certificates that demonstrate the quality of the products we offer to our customers.

Out of our respect for nature and the environment, none of our products or raw materials are tested on animals in any way. While we are committed to avoiding harming animals in our production stages, we employ methods that render animal testing unnecessary, thanks to modern technology and safety assessment tools.

As a reflection of our people-oriented service approach, the majority of our products are suitable for vegan-friendly production and do not contain harmful substances, such as gluten. Our product packaging is designed in accordance with circular packaging practices and crafted from materials that can be easily recycled, minimizing waste with an environmentally friendly approach.

As Pinkar Kimya, we prioritize the safety of all creatures through our sustainability approach and conduct our operations in alignment with our goals for sustainable development, life, production, innovation and development.